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👼Your Angels want to give these BLESSINGS to you, for your Personal Growth.👼
eBooks, Audio products and Programs, from various subject matter Experts and Coaches.

These gifts are available to you at NO COST. Download as many of
these LOVELY BLESSINGS 💝 as you please.

But please hurry as this event last until 25th of November only.
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From : Your Host, Listen to Your Soul

FREE 5 Guided Meditation tracks for a Stronger YOU!
This 5 Guided Meditation helps you:

– Achieve Peace and Oneness
– Ultimate Relaxation
– Improved Relationships
– Unleash Your Full Potential
– Accelerated Healing

With this EXCLUSIVE gift, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding the intricate secrets of achieving your goals and supplying that tool to others.

Simply Click the button below and get it all 5 for FREE.
Gift Value = $79

From : Guest Host, Brandon Bishop

How To Breathe Right To Live Longer
On average, our human body can go about 3 weeks without food,
3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without oxygen.

When we try to improve our health, we typically go to the thing
that we can go the longest without: Food.

What if I tell you by changing your breathing, you can improve your overall condition:

– boosts brain function
– improves recovery time
– cures anxiety issues
– fatigue
– sleep problems
– respiratory conditions
– controls weight gain issues
and many more…

Download This How To Breathe Right eBook Today
Gift Value = $47

From : Quantum Divinity

Holy Grail
The Holy Grail Is Bestowed Upon You.

Grant You the Life Ultimate Master Key to Unlock the Sublime & Potent Power of Your Deepest Mind’s Ability & the Higher Self’s Wisdom.

Awaken Your Subconscious Awareness to the Energies of Universal Abundance in Mind, Body & Spirit.

Also, Focus Your Holistic Intentions to Your Total Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Health, Prosperity & Overall Well-Being.
Value = $97

From : World Of Alternatives

Free Root Chakra Activation
Get the amazing new Root Chakra Activation Download

1. When this chakra is activated it will enhance your self preservation and your ability to survive in any difficult circumstances

2. It is very important to activate and balance this chakra before balancing any of the others

3. It is essential to activate and balance this chakra for grounding and to maintain a feeling of safety and security
Value = $37

From : Ong Zhen Quan

365 Manifestation Power (2 bonus gifts)
Discover the ultimate guide to manifest your worldly desires and live the life of your dreams.

Includes 2 bonus gifts in Zen Mastery and Affirmation
Value = $127 USD

From : Your 11:11 Angel

Your 11:11 Sacred Frequency (NEW)

Your 11:11 Sacred Frequency MP3 is ready...

Just click here!

Enter a couple of details and you'll discover your personal frequency which will give you the life you deserve.

The moment you were born, a dazzling array of fateful events shot out before you...

And by listening to your personalized frequency, you can tap into the "da vinci code" of life...

You'll uncover what type of frequency suits you the most and how you can use it to improve all aspects of your life.

Value = $97

From : Samuel Chew

Speak To Your Destiny And Let It Manifest
It’s time to stop leaving your destiny to chance, allowing the negative assumptions of the significant adults in your life betray and control your destiny.

The tragedy is, many of us are not aware of the immense power we possess.

This book challenges you to explore the intricacies of your complex nature and the power you wield on a deeper level more than what human creativity, intelligence and science can comprehend.
Value = $88

From : Abundance Chamber

Chakra Activation 2020
Activate your 7 Chakras in 2020!

The Rapid Healing Technique along with the chakra meditation outlined below is a new way to process and heal negative emotions.

Remove blockages in the meridian system and clear and balance the human energetic system.

Wealth, Health and Abundance awaiting...

Hurry download your free copy now!
Value = $47

From : LLH Media

Kama Sutra & Tantra Collection
Get the Kama Sutra & Tantra collection here!

The collection includes:

Immediate access to a downloadable copy of the Kama Sutra

97 Pages that teach you how to ENJOY your relationship with your partner.


Immediate access to a downloadable copy of the Tantra Guide
Value = $67

From : Shambhala Secrets

Cosmic Journey
Dear friend, come and take a sacred journey into the Cosmos with me.

This is going to be the most breath-taking journey you will ever experience.

Recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

Feel your entire day transform, negativity dissolve, and your vibration soar.

Experience the refreshing healing light of the Universe...

With just 15 minutes a day!

So, hurry and download your gift now...

Before this cosmic gateway vanishes...

Value = $47

From : Angel's Blessings

[NEW] Supernatural Wealth Attraction
Usher In Abundance of Prosperity and Wealth.

Become a Magnet and Attract Financial Abundance Into Your Life.

Now is the time for you to Achieve Your Success and Dreams!

Learn the Secrets to Attract Wealth and Blessings into your Life!
Value = $107

From : Universe Blessings

Wealth Prayer
Manifest abundance of Money, Wealth, Luck and Prosperity with this Wealth Prayer.

This prayer is particularly powerful because it works to specifically ask for support from the Divine, your Spirit, Guides, and Angels in clearing your money blocks.

Download this Wealth Prayer audio track and start manifesting MONEY now!
Value = $97

From : Perfect Path

Meditation Guide Plus 60min Meditation Music MP3
If you don’t participate in regular meditation, negative junk accumulates inside you over time.

You end up becoming a living trash container filled with negative thoughts and emotions.

During meditation, you clear all of this junk out of your system.

You get rid of the negativity and return that energy back to the earth to be converted into positive energy.

After a single session of meditation, you are no longer bogged down by the turmoil in your life.

BONUS - 1 Hr Meditation Music MP3!
Value = $47

From : Healing Divinity

Reiki Healing Sessions
Self Heal Your Mind & Body

"Deep relaxation, relieves pain, and balances mind, body, and spirit."

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Energy imbalance is the biggest cause of health issues.

Try this Reiki system. Learn and Master Reiki without expensive instructors.

Learn to heal yourself and others with Reiki.

Download yours for free today!
Value = $97
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